The Center for Open Middleware (COM) is a joint technology center created on 2011 October 11th by the agreement signed by: 

Vision and Mission

We devise an open, self-sustained, innovation-fostering, software ecosystem around middleware. COM is the incubator of this open ecosystem: turns ideas into innovation and organize agents to keep this innovation alive. Our main goals are:
  • To develop an open source environment to be used by software developers in the banking domain and other industrial sectors and grow an ecosystem around it.
  • To experiment new approaches for design and implementation of component-based software architectures for distributed complex systems.
  • To develop joint research initiatives around the key topics.


Our main research lines are: 
  • Methods and tools for middleware and services
  • Open middleware architectures: services oriented architectures (SOA), complex event processing (CEP), unified communications
  • Autonomous systems, operation and infrastructure, cloud computing, IT governance
  • Content management and lifecycle: collaboration support, interoperability, big and social data management
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Running Projects

  • Methods and Tools for Middleware and Services
  • Widgets Platform Evolution
  • MOET: Event Oriented Middleware
  • Autoconf-Autotuning
  • OpenSource Distributed Caches Study
  • ALM iStack
  • SOLOWAN: optimization of WAN traffic
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COM fosters the creation of an ecosystem around open middleware. For this goal, we collaborate with: If you are interested in COM's activities please contact us. You can also follow COM's blog or @CenterOpenMW in twitter or Center for Open Middleware on LinkedIn.