The Center for Open Middleware (COM) is a joint technology center created on 2011 October 11th by the agreement signed by: 

Vision and Mission

We devise an open, self-sustained, innovation-fostering, software ecosystem around middleware. COM is the incubator of this open ecosystem: turns ideas into innovation and organize agents to keep this innovation alive. Our main goals are:
  • To develop an open source environment to be used by software developers in the banking domain and other industrial sectors and grow an ecosystem around it.
  • To experiment new approaches for design and implementation of component-based software architectures for distributed complex systems.
  • To develop joint research initiatives around the key topics.
We perform applied-industrial research in the fields of: IT services, middleware, services architecture and platforms, cloud computing, big data analytics, social data management and any other ICT topics of interest in the enterprise domain.

If you are interested in COM's activities please contact us. You can also follow COM's blog or @CenterOpenMW in twitter or Center for Open Middleware on LinkedIn.